Terms Of Service

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  1.  KDXHosting.com is a wholly owned brand of KDX Technology Services.
  2. Your Credit Card Statement will reflect payments to PayPal/KDX Tech Services. This is normal.
  3. By your initial payment for services, you are agreeing to abide by the terms of service set forth by KDX Technology Services.
  4. You always own your data. KDX will never have ownership of your information. You may take it at anytime.
  5. You agree that you are leasing a website form KDX Technology Service. You do not own the site. You cannot move the site from KDX Technology Services.
  6. If you desire to purchase your leased site from KDX Technology Services, you may request a purchase price from us.
  7. If we purchased your domain name, you are assigned ownership of it after you initial Site Licensing Fee is paid.
  8. If you decide to move a domain that KDX originally purchased for you from our network, a $40 Domain Transfer fee will be assessed before we allow transfer.
  9. You may cancel your service at anytime if you did not finance your initial payment. Your hosting fee will be discontinued and your site deactivated at the start of your next payment cycle.
  10. If you finance your Site License Fee, you agree to complete those payments, even if you decide to cancel the service.
  11. Your initial hosting fee is lock in for first 24 months unless you default on a payment.  We reserve the right to change your rate to the CURRENT hosting rate upon 1 payment default.
  12. You agree that the turnkey site that you are leasing comes AS IS. KDX agrees to assist you on getting setup.
  13. Additional functionality can be added to your leased site for an additional cost.